Monday, 6 September 2010



Remember my last post where I said that I was going to have a new coach and new triathlon mates?

For those of you that don't know yet, my life will change in the next days. And yes it was my decision - a big decision which I don't know yet what I was thinking about...

I'm going to move north. I will live 1 year away from home. I'm going to do my postgraduate degree in Norwich, UK in the University of East Anglia. I'm going to study Experimental Economics.

The travel begins on the 11th of September with a full day of plane trip to London and train to Norwich.

Now I have a mixture of feelings: I'm anxious but worried, I can't wait for the new environment but I'll miss my family, friends, the places I like to go and, of course, the portuguese weather (It's raining in Norwich today :S)

I leave you with a map and some photos of my new university and the campus (University of East Anglia)