Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Comeback circle

To return stronger and faster.

So this is briefly what happened to me:

After returning from the UK and finishing my Master Degree, I've decided to be part of a triathlon training group and was preparing the 2012 season while looking for a job.

Then a single afternoon with a friend changed my life. In December I've worked in a Chocolaterie in Lisbon, stopped training and got an internship that was going to start in January 2012.

So now we are in end of May: I'm almost finishing my internship (end of July), I've decided to finish working in the chocolaterie (I've met a lot of people and now I know a lot about chocolate, yes, chocolate!), I'm back to triathlon training and I'm already looking for a job (in Portugal or abroad).

This means it's also a comeback to my blog. See you soon!