Monday, 21 September 2009

Boring letter

I won September Letter of the month in a magazine called Triathlon Plus.

This is the letter called The Best of the Best:

As a nineteen year-old boy with no sport background this magazine really changed my whole life. I think triathlon is a way of life and it is a honour to read interviews with the best triathletes around the world.
As this is the first year of triathlon for me, when I was at the first races I was really intimidated by others with quick bikes and all the technology.
But two months ago when I was in a magazine shop here in Lisbon, I was suprised when I founded this practical and full of information magazine, Triathlon Plus. I bought it for curiosity but now I'm always waiting for the next one to come.
The articles about swimming and the race-day sucess really gave me confort to compete in a triathlon and the training schedules improved my time goals. The reviews about racing shoes and upgrading bikes helped me a lot.
This is the magazine I'll tell everyone to buy because it is the one to become the number one.

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