Wednesday, 16 December 2009

News about last weeks

As the pre-season is reaching its middle, I have some news for you:

1) Last sunday (13/12) I ran the Christmas GP a 10km run and I felt light and confortable - 37:50min was my finishing time.

2) For the next season I'll be sponsored by Becker Distribution: They are the european distribution of blueseventy, the leading brand in triathlon wetsuits, swimskins and open water swimming.
Blueseventy stands for the best wetsuits and swimskins in the world, and Becker distribution represents international sales expertise at the highest level.

I would be the first athlete in Portugal who is sponsored by them ;-)!

3) I'll be sponsored by Hammer Nutrition: Hammer Nutrition provides top quality endurance fuels and supplements to help serious endurance athletes reach their highest level of athletic performance. They don't use preservatives or simple sugars in their products.

4)In January the 4th I'll begin my Uni exams, so for the next two weeks I'll be studying! (And playing Wii on the breaks)

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Ricardo C. said...

Boas Miguel, vai tudo bem, e por aí?

não, porque o pessoal da minha natação é so piscinas, ninguem de águas abertas... Mas se eu souber de alguem digo-te.

Parabéns pelo patrocinio da blue, grande conquista. :D


Ricardo C. said...

Claro que havemos! Fazer competição saudavel.
Vais continuar no olimpico?

Ricardo C. said...

Playing Wii??? Viciado xD

Bom Natal