Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I did it!

I raced my first Half-Ironman distance triathlon!

I finished with 4h54min (1.9km swim: 33min/90km bike: 2h51min/21.1km run: 1h 25min) and felt pretty good and light on the run.

But what was done correctly is over and now I have to look to what was bad (cycling) and try to improve it. I'll not only have to get some speed on the bike but I'll have to buy some equipment essential for the next races in this distance.
I really enjoyed to race this distance in triathlon. It is the kind of race where you manage your effort and is you that control every move. Certainly this distance will be in my plans for the near future.

My next triathlon will be Aveiro Triathlon (another Half-Ironman triathlon near Porto).

With patience everything can be possible!

3 messages:

João Correia said...

E estiveste muito bem, Miguel! Especialmente na corrida. As condições em que pedalas não as conheço, mas parece que identificaste o problema, logo... e lendo o teu feeling da prova, parece que temos semelhantes objectivos :)) vamo-nos encontrar por aí, certamente.

Merecidos parabéns.

WC Athlete said...

congrats, you looked solid on the run!!!

Miguel Munhá Fernandes said...

Well done my friend!

Keep on running, practicing, always believe in you...and you'll reach your goals ;)

I'm coming to Portugal next month so whenever you need some 'photo report' of your races, just give me a call!