Monday, 19 July 2010

My Update

I am currently on my third week of my internship. Time has gone so fast!

I'm really enjoying being in Coimbra. It's so much peaceful than Lisboa - no airplanes, less cars, more space to ride my bike...

On Saturday I raced in Aveiro on the 2nd Stage of the Individual National Championship.

It was my 2nd Olympic Distance triathlon and gosh! it is so much difficult than Long distance triathlons. It is the combination of endurance and speed, it's like running 400 meters on the track. Sometime ago, Pedro Gomes ( one of the best triathletes in Portugal said to me that "to race an Olympic Distance Triathlon you have to be talented, I'm not talented but I pay that with work".

Bike continues to be my weakness: I have to get more strength and more muscle mass.

For now I will continue to do my working paper, to finish my internship and I will only race on the 31st of July in Marvão.

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Nuno said...

Sim, Coimbra é muito mais calmo do que lisboa ;)