Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I know that you are still in August but I'll make a review of what was this month for me.

First just to say that it was a month of constant movement: after arriving from Coimbra, I had 2 days in Lisbon, 3 days in Porto, 3 days in Lisbon, 4 days in Costa da Caparica (to the beach), 1,5 week in Lagos (Algarve) and I'm back to Costa for my last 3 days of beach time (I will need these hot and sunny days for the future!).

Second it was a month to finish my IELTS (International English test) degree successfully, to conclude my internship report and Finally after 3 years I have finished my undergraduate degree!

Third regarding training sessions it was not a month of recovery but a time to return to the base training, to think about my future goals in triathlon (yes everyone has a goal) and to think about my 2011 season - the preparation for this season will begin in September with a new coach, new friends, new environment and of course more work to do in my postgraduate degree.

To resume it, it was a month of conclusions, decisions and holiday with family and friends.

More surprising news coming...

3 messages:

João Correia said...

Yet, was a successful month. Congratulations, Miguel!

Ricardo C. said...

Viva a boa vida! :P
Estou a brincar... Continuação de boas férias Miguel!

Abraço, Ricardo Correia

Miguel Andrade said...

Thank you both!