Thursday, 2 December 2010


While the snow, ice and cold weather as come to stay - some pics of my university here: UEA with Snow and I will post some pics of my house and the sorroundings soon - and the homeworks are being done, I have been preparing my season for 2011.

According to my plans I will have exams during May and June and my final dissertation will have to be handed by 31st of August however I hope to train and race during that time (I can do both things if I will be organized)

And here are some of the races I will be doing next year (first of the first drafts, I'm still planning a lot of things including travels to Portugal):

Windsor Winter Series Duathlon - Sprint - 27 February
Lisbon International Triathlon - Half-Ironman Distance - 30 April - ?
TriGrandPrix UK - Half-Ironman Distance -22 May - Already Registered!
Fritton Triathlon - Olympic - 12 June
Big Cow Man - Half-Ironman Distance - 3 July
Antwerp 70.3 - Half-Ironman Distance - 24 July - ?

The biggest goals for next season are to improve my bike skills and to manage to bring all the effort from training to race-day!

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