Sunday, 16 January 2011

Back and Ahead

After 1 month in Portugal where I had time with family and friends and after all the parties including Christmas, my birthday and New Year's Eve - I'm back.

Back to Norwich, to some serious work in my Master and for some hard training!

Regarding Triathlon I've decided that the best option for me and for my future goals was to get back to my former coach. So I'm even back to training with the coach that always believed in me and gave me all the support last year.

Now I'm waiting for my new saddle to arrive:

2 messages:

Rich McLellan said...

Miguel, I've looked at these before, they are meant to pretty good for triathlons and TTs. Let me know how you get on with it

Hugo Gomes said...

Boas Miguel!
Depois conta-me como foi a tua experiência. Tenho que comprar um selim e este é um dos modelos da lista.
Um abraço!