Monday, 8 August 2011

Another of those experiences

On Sunday I woke up really early to catch the train. I went to London and precisely to Hyde Park. While some other guys next to me were drinking beer at 8am because they were heading to Wembley for a football match, I was going to watch one of the sports where the pro-athletes are the most friendly - triathlon.

The World Championship Series (triathlon races in different cities around the World) came to London and all the best athletes were racing here because they wanted their place for the Olympics (this race is the exact same course as the Triathlon event in the Olympics in 2012 and it qualified automatically some athletes that came on top3/8/12 depending on each Country's way of qualifying).

Many more people went to the Hyde Park compared to Saturday (the women's race was earlier) and I felt the incredible atmosphere with spectators from all over the World cheering for their favorite athletes (the British were the majority). As for me I had the opportunity to talk with some of the female athletes including the Olympic champion Emma Snowsill, the wonder girl Paula Findlay and also talked with Gwen Jorgensen the rising American star. For the men I had time to speak with the Portuguese athletes, Alistair Brownlee who won the race and with Olympic champion Jan Frodeno.

The weather didn't help much. I didn't have an umbrella so I had to place myself below a tree (didn't make any difference I was all wet in the end). Funny part was people saying this is the British weather but it isn't. I've talked with some people and they say it's not common at this time of year to rain like yesterday.

As for pictures me and batteries are close friends. I took some photos with my mobile phone and after charging it the whole night before I didn't have any battery in the afternoon (really need to buy a new battery) and my camera only had battery for 12 photos! These are the Possible Pictures but hope you like it.

Back to work!

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dvaz said...

Não te sabia por lá. tinha-se bebido uma bica. numa próxima!

Miguel Andrade said...

Que pena! E eu que até fui falar com o Puras e com o Silva...