Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Training with a group

Since finishing my masters degree I have been occupied. I had one week of holiday but soon started to do other things.

I have started taking lessons to have a driving license and I'm sending cv's for job opportunities. I have also new projects in mind.

But today I want to talk about one thing that changed my way of training. I was losing my motivation to train as I was training alone most of the time. My decision was not easy and I had to think carefully because I was really close to my former coach. 

After having one week of experience with the group and talking with my former coach this is my decision: I have a new coach and I train with a really friendly group that has people with all abilities - from national champions to Ironman athletes and people that take their family/work time to train.

Next year I'm only going to focus in sprint and olympic distance triathlons so I can be faster. This time of the year I'm running road races (mainly 10ks).

However I will never forget everything my former coach taught me because I have learned so much with him and those 2 years were awesome. He will continue to be a great friend.

See ya soon

2 messages:

Ana Filipa Santos said...

Go for it. Good luck with your new team and coach. I've heard they're awesome ;)

Fred Gilbert said...

Seems like group training is the wave of the future. I'm sure you'll do well in this environment!