Monday, 2 January 2012


I hope you understand my last post. Yes, I have worked for a month in a chocolate factory and shop in Lisbon and I'll continue to work there on Saturdays. I'm going to follow its project as I think it has everything to succeed. 

Hot Chocolate
This shop is called As Marias com Chocolate and it has the best Hot Chocolate in Lisbon in the winter months and the best Lemonade in summer. They also make sweets and candies, cakes, biscuits and milkshakes.

This was an idea of two of the best artisan confectioners of chocolate: Carmo Vasconcellos and Pedro Duarte. Both have graduated in Estoril Higher Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism and both have worked on some of the best restaurants in Lisbon like Michelin-star Porto de Santa Maria Restaurant or Bica do Sapato Restaurant. 

1 year ago they started this project from scratch. No help from big companies or industries just chocolate in its purest way, all made in the shop, all artisan chocolate made with Belgian Callebaut chocolate.

The shop is situated in Mercado de Santa Clara. If you are in Lisbon or planning to come this is the place to go.


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João Correia said...

Um grande 2012, Miguel. Tudo de bom, assim como é o...chocolate (para minha desgraça).

Abraço forte.