Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tour Food

During the Tours I like to see the backstages of teams. How they get recover, how they warm-up/cool down and most of all what they eat.

Last year I've met Chef Sean from Team Garmin on the start of the last stage in Paris. I've continued to follow his adventures and at the moment I've been paying attention on what he's cooking for the riders. With the help of his friendly wife Olga the riders eat delicious food to perform at their highest level.

Can't wait to go to Urus and eat their restaurant

Here you get an idea on what I mean with delicious food:

his story on the NYTIMES. (2009 article) and if you understand French this video with some inside views of his moving kitchen:

This year I've also found some really nice food cooked by Chef Hannah Grant for Team SaxoBank-Tinkoff and her food here:

Also some good quality from Chef Soren Kristiansen for Team Sky in his twitter:

The common thing in the 3 teams and I guess in all the teams in the Tour the dinner is composed of lots of veggies, fruit, carbohydrates (lots), protein (lots) and some fat. For those who don't know they spend the whole day riding their bikes from 4 to 7 hours and burn from 2500 to 5000 calories a day.

Everyday I get an idea of the riders eat and get some ideas for my next meals. Maybe one day I'll be helping as a cook apprentice in the Tour.

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