Thursday, 14 May 2009

Breaking News

Today, a man caused the panic in a motorway near Hannover.

He was doing a test-drive of an Audi A3 (as seen in the photo). While he was test-driving the convertible lost some €23000, with which he’d planned to purchase the vehicle because it blew away when he simply put it on the backseat. 
The man was apparently not an experienced convertible driver. He took the sporty new Audi A3 convertable onto the motorway after putting the unsealed money envelope in the backseat for safekeeping, then watched in horror as the money fluttered away when he reached a high speed. 

The man called the police, who closed the motorway in both directions for 30 minutes to help him search for the cash. 

However he was only able to find €20,000, that's what police said this morning.

It remains unclear whether he'll still buy a new car.

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