Monday, 18 May 2009

Last Weekend

I spent my last weekend in Evora, a small but nice and historical city in Alentejo. 

On Saturday morning, I watched little kids (some with only 8 or 9 years old) doing triathlon in the first event of the Young Triathlon Championship. I can tell you that there are great promises of the triathlon, kids who can be very good in the near future. 

And i what liked the most in the kids there was the spirit of group they created in the teams and that's what i can't see in other sports. 

In the afternoon it was my time to participate in a mini-triathlon (300m, 7km btt, 1950m). I had no intentions to be there and no times in mind because i'm recovering from the calf injury but it was a good part of the train.

On Sunday, i had plenty of time to spend in the city. I've been there so many times but now i mainly appreciated the peaceful and quite places there and, of course, the tastful food from Alentejo. 

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