Friday, 15 January 2010

Finally I can breathe!

I am so sorry!

I know I had not posted anything for the last 2 weeks but I can explain everything now: So after Christmas, my birthday and New Year's eve, you know, all the celebrations of that time of the year, it was time for some study.

No, I mean LOTS of study although I continued to do my training . I had 5 University exams in 7 days.
Today I had the last one and so now it is time to breathe! To relax.
In 2 days I'll receive the exam results and decide if I'll need to increase my grades or not but now I'll have more time to study (if needed) for those.

Other news (about triathlon): next season I'll join Belenenses triathlon team.
Many big names in portuguese triathlon history started there like Vanessa Fernandes, Bruno Pais and João Silva. For now the team has Anais Moniz as its strongest member (she was Triathlon Junior World Champion in 2005).

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Miguel Munhá Fernandes said...

Very well! Congratulations my friend ;)
In two or three years you'll be a known world champion ahah

Good luck!