Monday, 2 May 2011

Keep it simple...


Not the best way to start a post in my blog. But I come here to write a review about my last saturday race - the Lisbon International Triathlon.

Overall it was really nice to see so many triathletes in Lisbon again and all the environment of the race. The organizers did a great job to put the race up (with the rain and thunder that hit Lisbon the night before) and all the sponsors - even Zoot and Specialized - did a great job to promote Triathlon in the best way!

 My race wasn't the best for what I've trained for. I've started fast on the swim but then a kick in my face in the first buoy made me think what I was doing there.

On the bike I felt good in the first 2 laps (from 4) - I was riding with a regular average of 33/34km/h - but then something was wrong I began to feel without energy and on the last lap I saw my pace slowing down.

My run was nasty! I think I did my whole run in cruise control and I was always thinking about the finish line. And it was a relieve when it came after 5h and 11mins - not even closer to my time last year!

The thing is my nutrition was wrong! I think I didn't eat enough carbs the days before the race and I only drunk 2/3 of my electrolyte drink and 2 gels during the bike (I should have taken at least 1 bottle and 6 gels) Not because I didn't have enough gels or drink but because I don't cope with a high concentrated drink or gel - it makes me more thirsty. I've tried all out at my training but in the race was different...

I've already talked with my coach and we are going to evaluate my nutrition and my training.


Apart from the race, I've finished my 2 assignments for the masters and I'm heading back to Norwich on the 5th of May to have my masters' exams on the 11th and 12th of May. The dissertation is going to begin after the exams and probably coming back home in June.

As Nelson Mandela said, "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall!

I'll learn with my mistakes!

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Ricardo C. said...

Good! :D

Hugo Gomes said...

Parabéns Miguel!
Ainda nos cruzámos por lá.
Um abraço!