Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rider unsafety

In one hand, I was really in need of sunny weather, nice temperatures (some days with almost 40ºC) and good food!

On the other, I was getting used to the peaceful roads in Norfolk where drivers respect riders and are cautious (majority). Here drivers are crazy! They always want to be in front of the riders, yell and horn at you, drive fast and some even drive through the red lights. Some streets have 1 meter holes.
Cycles paths are another joke in Lisbon: people use the bike lanes to walk (when they have a sidewalk) and cars and even big trucks are parked in the middle.
I'm not comparing Lisbon with Norfolk. The places are completely different. And I know if I lived in London it should be the same as here. But for me it feels different riding in Lisbon than before.

I guess the Lisbon riders will only have some safety when some drivers and people from the local authorities begin to walk, use their bicycles or the bus.

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