Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Well spent weekend

Remember my post about the promising film director Miguel Munha? If you haven't seen it here it is: Talent

Now he has a new short film coming soon. It's called "Uma Rosa no Deserto" (A rose in the desert). The link for the Facebook page with everything from pics to videos and interviews: Uma Rosa no Deserto

Therefore a big crew of photographers, actors, film directors and producers and assistants went to Alentejo. We went to Nisa for the film shooting and slept in a familiar house in Alpalhão.

I had the pleasure to take part of the film as a supporting actor. Some friends and me had to dress as warriors because this part of the film was a fighting with warriors against men riding horses.

I really enjoyed being filmed but for those of you that think actors (directors, etc.) have an easy life you are wrong. Many plans of shooting can take ages to film and with hot temperatures it's even worse.

By the way everyone said I was smiling during the shooting when I was supposed to put a face of angriness and fear but I guess that's my face!

I also enjoyed meeting some new people (really friendly), eating local products like cheese, black pork and chorizo, walking through some peaceful villages, taking a bath in a dam and running 16k on Sunday morning watching shepherds walking with their sheep.

These are some pics of my weekend. I'll post the making-off and some other pics when available.

Friends waiting for the breakfast in a typical coffee house

The coffee house with people drinking alcoholic beverages at 8am
while we were taking breakfast

The monument of Alpalhão representing a dolmen

We were getting the clothes for the shooting dirty to make
it look more realistic

The view from the house we slept

The historic part of Nisa

A man taking water from a fountain in Alpalhão

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Ricardo C. said...

As tradições portugueses devem ser vividas :)
Além disso, as modalidades desportivas vêm dos jogos tradicionais. Por isso temos de vive-los.

Abraço Miguel ;)