Monday, 12 September 2011

Life is Life

I should have posted something awhile ago. But since the last time I've posted I've been Really busy. And today I'm going to talk about what happened since then.

I had one month in Portugal from June to July but I had to go back to the UK because of meetings with my dissertation supervisor.

However, the month of August was the worst month to be in Norwich. I was writing my dissertation but no one was there (people I knew) and I felt a bit lonely. My training levels went way down because I had to read and write a lot in order to finish my dissertation on the deadline.

On the last week of August, I had my flight booked to Portugal. So 2 days earlier I had to put my whole room in three bags and sent these via an express parcel. I also had to pack my bike and the last little things (cables, some last clothes, etc.) in my bike bag.
This was my flight back to Lisbon. But I am definitely going to miss Norwich, the lifestyle I had there, the people I met and the places to ride and run.

Then since the time I arrived here until last Friday, apart from being with family and friends and one or two days at the beach, I could not think of anything else than finishing my dissertation.

Now finally it's done. I've handed it in last Friday and since then I'm on holiday! I'm back training and in shape. I'll also enjoy the good weather and the next days I'm going to the beach.

And from today on I'm officially looking for a job.

(I have many topics to write about and these are coming in the next days.)

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