Wednesday, 21 September 2011

News Shows

Related to the last post I come today to talk about the news on the Portuguese TV.

I have lived in countries (Belgium and UK) where the news shows or programs (just the shows on prime-time not on the news channels with news every hour) had 30 minutes. These had an order where first the news of the country were shown, then the international news and the sports news and lastly the so-called odd news or some curiosities.

In Portugal, people spend too much time watching the TV news shows. These programs last about 1h and some even 1h and 30 minutes.
And for me what's most funny is the order of the news: start with the most important news about Portugal, then sports(just football) followed by international news or odd news (some TV channels put the odd news before international ones).
There is no news introduction: journalists don't say "now we are going to talk about football". They usually pass from one report to the other just by beginning that message.

1) People only watch what TV channels say them to watch. Thus a 30 or even a 20 minute news show would be more than sufficient to make a summary of the everyday news.
2) Prioritize the news where international news appear after the country news and sports come after in a separated introduction talking about different sports and not only football.
3) Cut the odd news to one or two more important and not show news about common and less important situations like cats trapped on trees and burglary.

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