Friday, 25 November 2011

Fear of failure

A friend asked me if she should talk more about her successes or her failures in her blog. That's why today I am writing this post.

It is given too much importance to the fear of failure.

In fact, fear of failure serves as an excuse too often. For example, if we work for someonemost of the times, the cost of failure is absorbed by the company and not by us.

In my opinion, people are not afraid to fail. It's blame. Criticism.

We prefer not to be bright because we are afraid of criticism. We hesitate to create innovative movies, launch new initiatives in human resources, design a menu with dishes that give the views, or make bold statements because, deep down, we hate and fear that someone might call us to account.
"This is the biggest stupidity I have ev
er heard
!", "What a waste of money" "Who is responsible for this?"

Sometimes the criticism don't need to be so obvious. The fear of hearing something like "I find it strange that they released until they have done further research" is enough to kill an idea that might even be good.

Or even just listening to someone being criticized for fear to settle.

I admit. When I receive a bad review, it bothers me. It would be good to always hear good things. But it doesn't happen.

But this is not bad at all. Like this people notice what I did or what I said. Some people like it. Others hate it.

A bad review does not spoil my day because I realized what an honor it is to receive critique, whatever it is. It means I've frustrated the expectations of someone. This means, in reality, I did something that was worth comment.

The lesson is simple: the attitudes, products and ideas that are spoken are the ones that are worth being discussed.

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