Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Keep goals in mind but

Yesterday I got slapped on my face. Metaphorically.

I had a dinner with some friends. They booked the dinner to 9.30 pm and almost everytime I'm with them I come home around 4/5 am. So I said I couldn't go because I was training today morning early. Normally I need to sleep at least 6 hours to train properly or otherwise my head isn't there.

A friend of mine when heard my answer said this: "the excuses are falling down the drain and the invitations too. Your choice man! Good luck with your stuff".

That really touched me way too deep. I couldn't sleep well last night...

But I smiled. This made me think what I'm doing here and what are my goals.

I don't want to lose my friendship or my social life.
So if people don't change their habits this must be a 1-1 deal: I need to miss some hours of sleep from time to time to be with them and they need to understand that this is important to me and accept that I can't lose hours of sleep as much as they can.

I have learned.

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