Tuesday, 23 March 2010

1st tri race

So last sunday I raced in my first triathlon of the season and it's incredible how time has gone - one year ago I was doing my first sprint triathlon (I raced my first triathlon ever in Estoril, a Super-Sprint with a mountain bike =D).

After one year of training and time well spend in the pool, in the saddle, on the track and on the road I am more confident and of course "stronger and faster"! I know that I have a lot to improve mainly in the bike part but I also know that taking triathlon as a part of me and my life was a great decision!

I think it's fantastic what you feel during a triathlon: the stress to put your wetsuit on, the anxiety before the race start, the one of "what i'm doing here in the middle of so many legs and arms trying to beat me?". And on the other hand the feelings of I can do this or let's go faster.

Triathlon trains you mentally to focus in what you really want, to be pacient and to be determined to achieve your goals.

I hope next year at this time I'll be here to write my experience that's been so great in triathlon!

P.S. In the pic that's me in my new tri suit (I'll post some pics when it'll arrive with the sponsor logos)

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