Wednesday, 17 March 2010

First Duathlon/First Triathlon

Last sunday I raced the Cadaval Duathlon.

I didn't warm-up so good as I wanted to because there was a mistake with the race start: 10:45 am not 11:00 am as the guy on the micro said. So when I got to the start line my heart rate was at 200bpm.

The simple race review: The first run was in a 3 lap course with ups and downs all the time. In the second lap was already a bit tired. So in cycling I didn't manage to get any group. It was like pain alone to the second run. To my surprise I felt pretty light in the second run.

The day after the race (Monday) I was sleeping during one of the lectures in Uni! Hopefully the teacher didn't saw me =D

Now I want to see how I will going to be at my first triathlon next sunday. It's in Santarém - 40min from Lisbon.

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Ricardo C. said...

Grande Miguel :D
Eu a pensar que ias à minha frente, e foste :P Mas na bicicleta passei-te! O que achas-te da prova? Gostas-te dos 6000m obstaculos? xD

Abraço e bons treinos