Saturday, 2 October 2010

I'm still here

Hi everyone!

Before I will say anything else I just want you to know that now I'm going to write here in blog regularly - every friday to show you how my life is going in these days (apart from posting interesting things here).

It has been three weeks of establishment here in the house, in the University and in the UK.

I'm living in a house near the University (10 mins walk) with three other guys that I've met when I arrived here. They are all english and all studying in the same Uni as me. One is doing a Phd in Chemistry, one a MSc in Games Development and the other is finishing his undergraduate degree in Spanish (but he don't understands portuguese). I have some local shops near my house (1 min walk) where I can find two which I prefer: the bakery with fresh bread and the grocery where I can find lots of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. In the local shops I can also find a Fish and Chips shop, a mini market and a butcher. For the rest of shopping I have to go to the city centre (15 mins by bus).

In the University I had a pre-sessional course where I did a revision of maths from my undergraduate degree and I had to do a course test (easy!). Last monday I have begun my lectures and the semester will only finish in the 16th of December (no holiday nor bank holiday in the middle). I will have some course work to do and the exams for these semester courses will be in May (only in May?!).

Regarding Triathlon, I am now a member of Tri-Anglia and also a member of my University triathlon club I have lots of space to run in the parks and to ride in roads with no cars. I also have a 50m swimming pool, a gym and a track close to the University.

I have been training alone for the last 2 weeks but last week I ran with some friends (one did 2 Ironman's, an Ultra-Marathon racer (did Mont-Blanc this year) and a duathlete from Gibraltar who is going to the CommonWealth Games next week) and today I did 80km with some of the members of Tri-Anglia (so good to ride in peaceful roads in a sunny day!).

The weather here is always changing - some days raining and some sunny days. It's getting cold (7ยบ C last night).

I am really enjoying the life here. The peaceful life, all green (with squirrels and rabbits everywhere), the friendly people (they are always ready to help and never horn when I am riding my bike).

I will keep you updated!

P.S. Pics are coming...

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