Monday, 4 October 2010

Pics Promised

Here they are - some of the best moments till now:

The University
 The Track
 The postman
 The squirrels
 The green in the parks

 Hmm...the smoothies
 The city centre
 The pubs
 British lunch :D
 Colman's famous mustard - the so called English Mustard
 Nice - Duck Eggs
 3D football
 Football even in the toilet
 The university with the students
 Look what I've bought
 Ride stop in a distillery

1 messages:

Miguel Munhá Fernandes said...

Grande Miguel

Estou a ver que já te estás a integrar.
Adiciona-me no skype para falarmos um dia destes: miguel.munha

Espero que continue tudo a correr bem.
Um abraço amigo,