Monday, 11 October 2010

It was like this

Nice ride on saturday morning with the Tri-Anglia guys. 80km done to Reedham 

Then I have watched the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii from 5pm on saturday until 3 am on sunday (i have only watched the pros) and then from 7 am until 9 am to watch the some of the most amazing men and women age-groupers arriving before the cut-off (before 17 hours).

In the pro-field the aussies dominated the race with two of my references winning - Chris Mccormack and Mirinda Carfrae:

Some more photos:

 2010 IM Hawaii race gallery - part 1
2010 IM Hawaii race gallery - part 2

On sunday at 10am off for another long ride this time with the guys from the University Triathlon Club. 60km towards the Whitlingham lake (a lake with about 4km long - the place where between May and September it is possible to swim).

2 messages:

João Correia said...

Irradias felicidade (imagino com algumas saudades da família, à mistura). Continuação de boa sorte, Miguel.

Miguel Andrade said...

Obrigado João!

Estou a gostar de cá estar, está a ser uma experiência muito boa.

Pois é tenho é muitas saudades da familia e dos amigos daí...mas isto com internet parece que estamos sempre próximos.