Monday, 7 June 2010

Me and My Helix 2010

Wow! With this wetsuit I get all the feeling in the water.

And it is an an amazing difference from my old wetsuit.

The forearms are great! Shoulders also feel very confortable in the wetsuit and the floatation feels awesome. Not that floatation you get with 5mm neoprene wetsuits. I can also say that the zippers from the bottom up are so good for fast transitions. 

And of course I look fantastic in it, dont you think?

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Ricardo C. said...

Olá Miguel, esse fato parece mesmo 5 estrelas! ;) Great sponsor!

Mas aquele meu tempo na natação deveria ter menos 1m e 30s pelo menos. Há que melhorar. :P
Vemo-nos então em Oeiras, se eu nao te vir, diz-me qualque coisa! xD