Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What were the good news?

Remember when I said in blog that something new was going to happen in my life?

After finishing all my Uni exams (finally!), I am off to Coimbra for a month. I will be in an internship in CSE - Centre for Social Studies and I will take part of a research project.

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This will be the last part of my Undergraduation in Economics and the internship will be like a course in a different place. All my stuff (including bike - I have to get a bike bag for the train!) will go with me to Coimbra.
So this will be like a new thing in my life living for more than 2 weeks outside my parents house. I am used to live in new places (3 years in Belgium) but without my family it will be different. And of course I will miss my mom's and grandma food!

Concerning triathlon, I was missing competition so this saturday I will race in Zêzere Triathlon, in one week Fonte da Telha open water event (1500m) and then in 2 weeks time Aveiro Olympic Triathlon!

These days, I have been watching the World Cup and I was a bit sad about Portugal but the matches ahead will be great including the Germany-Argentina and the Netherlands-Brazil.

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João Correia said...

É maravilhoso ter a vida cheia de projectos. Vive-a intensamente, Miguel, e desfruta-a.