Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What's up?

Oeiras Sprint triathlon was my 3rd sprint distance tri this year. 

It was my first time there but the race was not what I expected. 

Last Sunday was an excellent day to do a triathlon: nice weather, lots of people racing (400!) and the course is fast.

But I got lost on the swim, felt unconfortable on the bike (I have to do a bike fit urgently!) and suffered during the run - mistakes are only good when we get something with them and I have already learned with those mistakes! 

Now it's time to study for my last 2 exams! (And to train and watch the World Cup!)

3 messages:

Ricardo C. said...

Estuda! :P

João Correia said...

Há dias assim, não de desânimo.


Miguel Andrade said...

Desânimo, não. Um dia menos bom. Acontece =D