Monday, 1 November 2010

Now: cold and dark

I have been very busy with lots of work to do for my master. I had a presentation today and I will have two tests on wednesday.

Days here are getting darker - the sunset is at 16! - and it's getting colder.

Regarding training: As you can see in the right column of my blog I have made a few changes. I have now a new coach. She is Dr. Auriel Forrester, triathlon and cycling coach and she is the director of scientific coaching services. She will help me planning my next season.

But my only focus now and during the winter months will be my bike. I will treat her like never before: ride, wash, ride, ride...I cannot improve all the three sports at the same time.

'Summer is where the results are achieved, but winter is where the results are made’

 In the next week I will have some news about my goals and my 2011 season so keep an eye in the blog.

 Next post: eating habits in the UK

2 messages:

Carlos Antunes said...

Eu estava mais preocupado em melhorar a tua natação...

Miguel Andrade said...

Foste rápido :D

Sim a natação vem a seguir. Vou fazer isto por blocos e agora que o tempo ainda está bom (não chove) vou me concentrar na bike. Em Janeiro/Fevereiro natação porque são os piores meses aqui do sitio.