Wednesday, 10 November 2010

English and food

After being sick again now with food poisoning symptoms nothing better than to write about what is good or bad  in english eating habits.

Maybe every Portuguese have a bad idea of english food or the way english people eat. When I was living in Portugal I was no exception. And now that I'm living here for more than a month I can have my opinion: these guys eat bad! Plus don't like to cook.

First, the english people really love take-aways! And for them is just a way to have food in front of them in no time. Adverts from thai, chinese or indian food, to pizzas, kebabs or burguers arrive at my door like mushrooms and all I can see in them is: "order now, just wait 30 minutes for your ready meal to arrive!".

Second, in every shop or supermarket I go what I can see is the take away queue and many people around the ready cook meals. All I can see in people's bags are chips, cokes...

Third, it's impressive the amount of cooking programmes on the TV and some others to teach people how to eat. In 5 channels 3 have cooking programmes at 8pm!

Now I understand all the books and shows telling people to eat lots of fruits and veggies and not to eat processed foods. For me those shows were made for these guys not for Portugal or the Mediterranean countries where some of us can still have a decent diet.

And what it's most incredible is the opportunities and the quality of the food they have here. The amount of fruits and veggies here is huge: i can find many types of potatoes (even with blue skin), the berries are much cheaper than in Portugal, different tomatoes like tiger ones, parsnips (delicious)...they even sell Quinoa in every supermarket!

I can still have the same diet I had back in Portugal with lots of fruits and veggies, nuts, cereals, meat, fish...and my olive oil with bread!

(Apart from the eating habits these guys really have a problem with alcohol. Beer is the main drink but I never knew they like vodka so much!)

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Miguel Munhá Fernandes said...

It's true. They eat bad! And the food is expensive...and beer is expensive as well. But...try to eat well and drink lots of beer: you will be stronger and faster (I did it)! eheh