Sunday, 14 November 2010


This was an unexpected weekend for me. I normally ride with the guys from Tri-Anglia (Triathlon club in Norwich) on Saturdays and with the University triathlon club on Sundays but this weekend was different.

I went out with the guys from VCNorwich (Cycling club based in Norwich). On Saturday we did 3h - 80km. Sunday 4h - 100km with a stop for 2 minutes silence (Remembrance Sunday) and a stop for a tea, cake or scone.

The routes are amazing: calm, one or two cars passing us and in the middle of the countryside.
Plus the weather was not bad at all just a bit cold for me.

Suprisingly on Saturday I met David Gomes portuguese and former triathlete and pro-cyclist - it was funny and it is also good to speak in Portuguese here.

Now I understand this phrase: "Swim with swimmers, ride with riders and run with runners".
(The pics are from Saturday and Sunday)

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João Correia said...

Boa vida, é o que é...continuação, Miguel.

Miguel Andrade said...


Pena e o frio.