Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Last Weekend

On saturday at lunch time I met up with my friends from the University Triathlon Club. Bikes packed in a van and we were off to Chippenham. 4 hours trip with a stop half-way and dinner when we arrived.
We were in the our rooms at 8.30pm and everyone came to our room to watch the X-Factor (music show - this is so popular here!). Then time to go to sleep.

On Sunday we had brunch and at 11am we were already at the race spot. It was raining and it was so cold (2ÂșC). At 2.15pm our race started. My friend Lee from Gibraltar came 2nd! And one thing different from the Portuguese Triathlons is that all the races are non-drafting so all the people have incredible triathlon bikes!

My race wasn't great but I wasn't expecting anything else. I was freezing throughout the whole race because I never raced with this temperature. I was very cautious in the bike part because the track was wet and slippery. 
After the race shower and 4 more hours back!

I have been doing lots of base training and I'm feeling slow but it is normal for this time of the year (pre-season). As a friend of mine says: if I was racing fast now in my key races I would be struggling. 

But most of all I had a good weekend. I had fun with friends and discovered a new place!

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