Thursday, 28 June 2012

Reve Tour

Ahead of the Tour (on Saturday) I was surprised when I saw what this group of women are going to do.

A team of six amateur women will take on the ultimate road cycling challenge of a complete grand tour. Starting in Li├Ęge one day ahead of the pro peloton the riders will complete the entire parcours of the 2012 Tour de France arriving in Paris on the 21st of July.

In the process they’ll prove to themselves, other female cyclists, and women thinking about taking up the sport, that any bicycle dream is possible.

They’ll stay in the same hotels and endure the daily exhausting transfers that define the Tour.

All the girls have a different background but they have a passion for cycling and for these kind of hard challenges.

They have trained hard for this and tomorrow they'll begin the journey. Nothing more, nothing less than 3479 kms in 21 days!

You can check the riders and their challenge here:

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