Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What is InGamba?

Every year I wait for the month of July. It's like a habit. But why? The Tour de France.

Last year I went there for the final stage in Paris but this year I can't because of professional reasons. In 2013 I'll certainly be there again.

I'll follow the race and post some pics, videos and backstage stories at my blog

Talking about cycling maybe you've seen a new logo in my blog on the right side. I truly believe in what their doing and I'm going to have a trip with them in Portugal in September.
But InGamba? "Eat up the miles, Drink up the culture"? 

You can follow all their activities and all the destinations @InGamba and InGamba

and at the Web to book your trip:

Let me explain:

Group riding at Chianti

Imagine you've booked a holiday and you want to do 3 things that if you are like me you love: cycling, culture and eating. I really enjoy riding my bike, discovering new places and people and eating good food (a lot).

Imagine you spend 1 week or 2 weeks in a trip riding by day with some Cycling riders (Pro riders Ted King or Laurens Ten Dam were at the trip in Chianti) and have a guide named João Correia. Who is he? NYTimes
 You’re also supported by a full-time mechanic and soigneur (Jorge and Raul). 


Everything is provided from support, food and drinks for the entire course of each ride. 

Pinarello Dogma 2

Even the bike is provided. A Pro-level bike, equipped and setup with a true pro-level build, fitted to you.

So no worries about bike fees at the airport. 

Spring Classics Trip - The Muur

You ride in some of the most iconic and beautiful roads because the guides have trained and raced there.

Chianti, Italy
But a trip to a new place is also a time to discover the culture, the people and their habits and all the guides at InGamba truly understand the places. Here you're not going see what tourists see, you're going to feel the places and their lifestyles to travel and discover some of the most charming places around the World like Chianti in Italy or the Pousadas in Portugal. 

And the best part: the food! Forget about tourist restaurants. You're going to savor true local cuisine, restaurants that you can't even find in guide books. Delicious regional food and good wine all included in the trip package.  

My trip in September will be a really nice experience as I'm going to discover the Pousadas of Portugal - a chain of luxury, traditional or historical hotels in Portugal - and their iconic locations, ride in the Portuguese countryside and eat and drink the best Portuguese food and wine.

Who wants to miss these experiences?

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