Monday, 31 May 2010

2nd time - More experience

Yesterday I finished my second Half-Ironman Distance triathlon this one in S. Jacinto, Aveiro.

The place is beautiful and it has all the conditions to continue for another couple of years with this race.

All I can say about the race is that it was my 2nd time and I learned with my errors in Lisboa Half-IM.

The swim was a lot better and I can say the Helix 2010 is just perfect! No chafing, neutral balance and it's so easy to take it.
The 92km bike ride was the worst part. And this is the part to look at. I have to improve so much my cycling power and of course I have to be patient because that doesnt come in a week or in a month. The strong wind in the bike part worsened things up.

I can say that after that 7 lap bike course I was feeling a little pain in my legs so I didnt know how I would feel on the run.
But I felt good. I was not thinking about any results. My goal was just to finish well and doing what makes me happy on the run, making some victims =D (after finishing the organization called me to receive a medall for my 2nd place on my age-group (20-23) out of 6.)

After all I was happy with the race. Today I have a pain in my gluteus that dont leave me!

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sica said...

Miguel, Parabéns pela prova e o ciclismo vai surgir com o tempo (verifica a tua posição sobre as barras, existe uma foto onde é nitido que estás mal encaixado, isso prejudica bastante o resultado na bike e depois na corrida).Em relação à corrida apesar do teu tempo final ser bom, quando passaste por mim ias a um ritmo superior, é importante tentar manter um ritmo constante, se bem que ás vezes o corpo não deixa.