Monday, 17 May 2010

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In my life, I'm always searching for new things, new achievements and people who are different that can give their life a new way.

And today and tomorrow I'd like to show you two people that recently got my attention.

The first one from the world of cycling is João Correia.

João Correia, now 34 started racing as a junior in Portugal as a teenager and last raced as a pro at age 21. He continued to race after his family moved to New York when he was 12. He signed his first pro contract in 1995 but interrupted his career to finish college in New York where he later worked in publishing. 

After finishing his degree he worked in a cycling magazine. During this time his weight slowly crept to 93kgs.

And what everyone thought to be an usual life in the world of writting changed completely.

Three years ago he signed on with Dr. Massimo Testa in a mission to trim down his frame and return to racing. He accomplished that goal and went on to ride in the 2007 nationals time trial in Portugal where he finished 12th. A contract with the Bissell team followed during 2008 and 2009; remarkably 13 years after his exit from pro racing he was following his dream again. 

He is now a pro cyclist in Team Cervelo (one of the big names in cycling) and his weight is now 64kgs!

He is currently riding on the Tour of California from the 16th of May to the 23rd of May!

(Tomorrow another person from Australia that is completely different!)

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