Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Next goal: breathe!

I know, I know...I did not post anything for the last two weeks.

I've been Really busy finishing Uni works and studying for tests and exams and even finishing CV's for my trainee process (a compulsory part of my degree).

This is my last year in my Undergraduation so I have to finish everything.

Regarding my next goal (Aveiro Half Ironman) I'm feeling stronger and with more power on the bike and I'm getting faster on the water...

My 2010 Helix wetsuit will arrive next week! And for that I have to thank Bluseseventy!

Now don't worry...I will keep you in touch!

2 messages:

Carlos said...

Força nisso Miguel!

João Correia said...

És tu a melhorar na natação e eu a piorar...

Força, Miguel, e felicidades na tua licenciatura.