Sunday, 16 May 2010

Visit to Cova da Moura

Last Friday I went to one of the most problematic places in Lisbon. But I really changed my mind after the visit. It was a study visit for the Social Economy class.

Cova da Moura is divided into two very different worlds: two completely different worlds intersect in Cova da Moura. Many children run in the streets, while half of the residents leave for work. Several structures of social intervention contrasted with the danger area of the district, the main street, where young people found themselves against the walls to look suspicious when they see someone unknown.

Speaking almost no one wants. 

In the visit we went to the Cultural Association (Moinho da Juventude) a good project that was created and it is responsible for several activities for children and youth like the school, the computer room, the music studio and the library.

The association's goal is to give different views on children and young people to get to know that they can follow a different standard of living of their parents and not have to be like them, who are sellers of fish, work in construction or cleaning services.

The idea that most people have of that place is different from the one I have seen. There are many good people in Cova da Moura. 

In my opinion the biggest problem is the mentality of some young people who leave school early, do not enter the labour market and end up copying their heroes, who have guns, big cars and mainly power.

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